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Project Management & Governance

Developing a management strategy is crucial for effective project implementation in organizations. CMIND specializes in Project Management Methodology development based on industry best practices (PMBOK) to provide integrated project management and governance services. Our team collaborates with clients to create tailored tools and services. The goal is to make clients lean and agile, prepared for proactive responses to business changes. CMIND's project management methodology involves several key steps. ​

Phase 1
Understanding Requirements

The CMIND team conducts workshops with the client side to analyze the documentation requirements

Phase 2 
Development of Design Documents

CMIND collaborates with the client side to create a Requirements Document that is presented to the client's management for final sign-off

Phase 3
Development of Strategy

The CMIND team manages the backlog for visibility and production deployment after the initial scope is finished.

Upon the requirements being gathered and the documentation being designed, CMIND implements the following process to ensure a seamless change management process:
  • Effectively communicate with the client to establish any changes to the approved requirements. 

  • Analyze the change request and assess the risk to determine the impact to the existing project plan

  • Present the impact assessment to key client stakeholders for feedback and approvals

  • Run through the process of review in order to receive either approval or rejection from the client

  • If approved, CMIND will work to update the project plan and backlog as per the newly defined changes and prioritize accordingly

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