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Why Choose

01. Diverse Service Portfolio

CMIND delivers tailored end-to-end solutions, combining strategic project management, business process transformation, data management, application services, and talent staffing, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meet specific business needs.

02. Innovation and Agility

With a skilled team and agile methodologies, CMIND innovates cutting-edge solutions, staying at the forefront of industry best practices to provide forward-thinking and adaptable services.

03. Proven Track Record

Since 2010, CMIND has demonstrated success through strategic partnerships, optimized IT resources, and delivering tailored solutions that enhance organizational performance and efficiency.

04. Focus on Client Experience

CMIND prioritizes a seamless client experience by understanding requirements, recruiting adept talent, and delivering services that align with organizational cultures.

05. Value-driven Solutions

CMIND is committed to delivering unmatched value, ensuring substantial returns on clients' investments through cost-efficient solutions that elevate organizational efficiency and performance.

Leadership Team


Kanak Subramanian

Co-founder and Managing Partner

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Abhishek Tandon

Co-founder and Managing Partner

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Kevin Ogden

Vice President of Application Consulting Services

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